Alonti Catering Kitchen is a pioneer in business catering with a strong focus on quality and convenient delivery. Our history dates back to the gourmet grocery chain founded by the Pepi family in New York in the early 20th Century. From the old world to the new world to the new economy, Alonti has constantly rolled out new innovations to adapt to our customers’ evolving needs.


Al and Cecile Pepi, career veterans of the gourmet grocery store business in New York, opened the first Alonti gourmet sandwich shop in their new hometown of Houston.

Customers start asking to have delicious sandwiches delivered to their offices for lunch meetings. We deliver. Alonti Catering is born.

Ten new café locations open across Houston in the next five years.


We open a new café location in Dallas—our first outside of Houston.

Breakfast dishes join our catering menu.


We open a new café location in Chicago—our first outside of Texas.

We add hot breakfasts and hot lunches to our growing catering menu.


Our catering volume outgrows the ability of our retail cafes to handle more orders.  Al Pepi Jr., a second-generation Alonti leader, opens the first Alonti 100-percent devoted to catering, and Alonti Catering Kitchen is born.


Our first Alonti Catering Kitchen in Dallas opens.

European pressed warm sandwiches—Pressatas—join our catering menu.


Our first Alonti Catering Kitchen in Chicago opens.

Hot Plate Box Lunches join our catering menu.


Our first Alonti Catering Kitchen in Austin opens.

Our first Alonti Catering Kitchen in San Antonio opens.

By popular demand, we add vegetarian options to our catering menu.


Our first Alonti Catering Kitchen in California opens in Irvine.

Our gluten-free menu joins our growing roster of catering options.


The first Alonti Catering Kitchen in Los Angeles opens.


High-protein, low-carb Powerbowls join our catering menu.


We unveil our new, user-friendly website.